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From 515 East Main Street to 824 East Main Street (Just 500 meters down the street !)

We are thrilled to share that our restaurant is undergoing an exciting move to a new address, 824 East Main Street, Welland, Ontario, starting in mid-March. Formerly located at 515 East Main Street, Welland, our new space promises a fresh and inviting atmosphere for our valued customers. In addition to the relocation, we're delighted to introduce new menu toppings that will tantalize your taste buds. Furthermore, get ready to embark on a flavorful journey with our latest addition – the Lebanese breakfast, a delectable morning experience that we can't wait for you to savor. We extend a warm welcome to all our patrons, inviting you to join us at our new location for a delightful dining experience.

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Coming Soon 

We're excited to announce that we be updating our menu to offer even more delicious options! Stay tuned for the new additions and adjustments to our menu. We can't wait for you to try them out!

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Chicken Plate




Shawarma House provides you with a wide variety of Healthy and Fresh Middle Eastern Food, Sweets, and Cake.

Chicken Plate


A mouthwatering chicken shawarma plate presents thinly sliced, perfectly seasoned grilled chicken, served alongside fluffy and fragrant basmati rice, a salad of your choice, and a dollop of creamy garlic sauce, creating a delightful fusion of flavors and textures.

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Elevate your event with our restaurant catering services, offering a delectable array of expertly crafted dishes that promise to delight and impress your guests with culinary excellence.

New Additions 

Pay attention to new changes as we regularly add new items to our delicious menu. 

Quality and Satisfaction

We guarantee exceptional food quality and customer satisfaction within our restaurant through rigorous sourcing of premium ingredients, meticulous culinary craftsmanship, and a commitment to consistently exceed our patrons' expectations.



Daily: 11 AM - 9 PM
Dine in and Takeout orders are now available 

Our Location

515 East Main St, Welland, ON

L3B 3Y1

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